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Principal Investigator, MD, Ph.D., MSc, CNCS-EEG

Dr. Ana Suller Marti is a clinician-researcher in the Clinical Neurological Sciences Department. She completed a fellowship in Epilepsy (Clinical and Research). She developed an expertise in neuromodulation and SEEG recordings. She received the Herbert-Jasper Award in 2020 from the Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiologists, recognizing her expertise in this field of epilepsy. She developed a multidisciplinary research group to coordinate research concerning stereoencephalograly, enhance epilepsy research and increase the international visibility of our Epilepsy Program. She developed collaborations with several other researchers. She is an active member of the Educational Task Force through the Young Epilepsy Society-ILAE. She is collaborating on the Competence-Based Educational Curriculum in Epilepsy through the ILAE.


Research Coordinator

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As a Research Coordinator, Jayme is responsible for the administration and oversight of Dr. Suller Marti’s research studies. Some of her roles include preparing materials for submission to granting agencies and foundations and submitting protocols to research ethics boards. Additionally, she assists with recruiting individuals to participate in research studies and aids with the execution of study procedures.


Epilepsy Research Fellow

Hellen is an epilepsy research fellow. She completed a clinical fellowship in Epilepsy with Western University. Her research interests include SEEG, neuromodulation, SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected death in epilepsy) and the  autonomic dysfunction in patients with epilepsy.

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Maryam is a postdoctoral scholar at Western’s Brain and Mind Institute. Her research interests include mathematical modelling and optimization, sequential decision making, data analytics, and machine learning. She received her Ph.D. in operations research from the University of Pittsburgh with a focus on decision making under uncertainty and its application in medical decision making. Prior to joining computational neuroscience, she worked as a quantitative modeller and data scientist in the financial sector. Since starting her postdoctoral position, she has been focusing on data-driven computational research in both systems and clinical neuroscience. She is supervised by Dr. Lyle Muller and Dr. Ana Suller Marti.

Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar



Research Assistant 

Mariam holds an Honours Specialization in Psychology from King's University College at UWO and has extensive research experience, including roles at Parkwood Institute, the Pear Lab at UWO, and Resilience Clinics for Psychotherapy and Mental Health. Her research interests encompass mental illness, neuromodulation techniques, Middle Eastern populations and mental health, and the relationship between neurocognitive disorders and mental illness.

In her role as a research assistant for Dr. Ana Suller Marti, Mariam is assisting with several research studies and manages participant recruitment, data collection, and analysis, among other responsibilities.



Neuroscience Ph.D. Candidate

Nasim is a Ph.D. student in the neuroscience program at Western University. Her research interest is studying neurophysiological mechanisms underneath learning in epilepsy humans. She is supervised by Dr. Julio Martinez and Dr. Ana Suller Marti.




Caroline Esmonde-White is a medical student at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University (Class of 2023). She received her Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science at McGill University before completing her Master’s in Molecular and Cellular Medicine at the Université de Montréal. She is currently studying both how the legalization of marijuana in Canada has affected epilepsy patients and the use of intracranial electrodes in making surgery decisions for epilepsy patients.



Undergraduate Student

Jayant is a 4th year undergraduate student in the medical sciences department at Western University. He aspires to become a clinician researcher to improve health outcomes for groups of patients and to advocate for access to healthcare for all patients. His roles include conducting clinical research on neuromodulation and epilepsy surgery including case studies, systematic reviews, and retrospective analyses.

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M.D. Student

Natalie graduated from medical sciences at Western University. She is currently assisting the developing Paediatric Epilepsy Transition Clinic Research and the Neuromodulation and Comorbidities in Refractory Epilepsy studies. She is working on a literature review investigating VNS treatment in elderly epilepsy patients.

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Undergraduate Student

Shreyo is an undergraduate student in the Neuroscience program at Western University. His responsibilities include conducting systematic literature reviews and helping with administrative tasks. Shreyo also assists with data collection for Neuromodulation and Comorbidities research. 



MSc in Clinical Anatomy Candidate

Layya is a MSc in Clinical Anatomy student at Western University. She hopes to have a career in neuroscience and oncology, focusing on the development of neurological disorders, such as epilepsy, secondary to tumours. She is currently assisting the development of an Epilepsy Severity Scale as well as data collection for a study investigating post surgical outcomes.

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Nursing MScN Candidate

Carmela is an MScN student at Western University. Carmela received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Windsor in 2010. Her interest in research started in Windsor while completing her undergraduate thesis on the neuropharmacology of the auditory system in rats. Carmela then received her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Western University in 2013. She is currently involved in a research project that is exploring the experience of women with epilepsy during gender and sex-specific health issues. She is supervised by Dr. Ana Suller Marti and Dr. Panagiota Tryphonopoulos.

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MSc in Neuroscience Candidate

Mohamed is an MSc student in Neuroscience at Western University. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Biophysics also at Western.  His research focuses on applying normative modelling to quantitative MRI measurements to quantify subtle individual differences between epilepsy patients and predicted normal values.  He is co-supervised by Dr. Ana Suller Marti and Dr. Ali Khan.

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Medical Student

Tara is a medical student at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University (Class of 2025). She received her bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences in 2019 at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her responsibilities include conducting literature reviews and data collection for the Neuromodulation and Comorbidities research.

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MSc in Neuroscience Candidate

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Ahdyie is an M.Sc. student in the Neuroscience program at Western University. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at BNUT before completing her Master’s in Biomedical Engineering at TMU. Her previous research experience was on EEG-based emotion recognition using machine learning techniques. Currently, she is involved in a research project focusing on statistical approaches and computational models in analyzing iEEG data from patients with epilepsy. She is supervised by Dr. Ana Suller Marti and Dr. Julio Martinez.

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